Audit your Internal Audit

Internal Audit’s deep involvement in an organisation and its business places it in the perfect position of a trusted advisor – supporting and even inspiring an organisation’s strategic agenda.

Ultimately, the function will be judged by the value it brings and not by the number of compliance reports it submits.

Should you expect more from Internal Audit?

The analysis starts by asking the right questions. To help with this, we’ve created a questionnaire based on PwC’s ‘eight global attributes of Internal Audit excellence and transformation.’ Based on your responses, you’ll receive an insights report with practical examples, guidance and recommendations to consider for use in your organisation.

  • Start your Audit

  • 1

  • Overall is Internal Audit delivering value to management?
  • 2

  • Does Internal Audit have the right talent, leadership and business acumen?
  • 3

  • Is Internal Audit aligned with your strategy & risks?
  • 4

  • Are Internal Audit communications with management and directors of high quality?
  • 5

  • Is Internal Audit focused on its own productivity, and yours?
  • 6

  • Is Internal Audit leveraging data well?
  • 7

  • Is Internal Audit giving advice and solutions, in a timeframe they can be used?
  • 8

  • Is Internal Audit driving innovation?

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